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New Mortgage Rules Explained

On Friday, the Federal government announced changes to the minimum down payment rules when buying a home. My quick take: "the changes won't effect most home buyers. For those that it may effect, the changes are minimal."
  • At present, the minimum down payment to buy a home is 5% of the purchase price, for government-backed mortgages.  Anyone who buys real estate with less than 20% down payment is required to have Mortgage Loan Insurance. Buying a home over $1 million dollars requires a minimum down payment of 20%.

  • Effective February 15th, 2016 the minimum down payment rules are changing.  Any purchase price over $500,000 will require a graduated 10% minimum down payment.  The new down payment rule is NOT a 10% minimum down payment on the full price, but only for the portion over $500,000.  If you're buying a home for less than $500,000 there will be no changes to the minimum down payment required.  Of course, this is only a minimum requirement, you can always put more money down.  Buying a home over $1 million dollars will still require a down payment of 20%.
For example: buying a home for $600,000 after February 14th the minimum down payment will 5% on the first $500,000 and 10% on the remaining $100,000. The new total down payment will be $35,000 ($25,000 old rule portion + 10,000 new rule portion).
Most people buying a home over $500,000 are typically putting down more than 5% already, and this new rule will not effect them; especially if they are a move up buyer.  The new rule may effect first time buyers who are buying above $500,000 as they will need to save up more.     
Here is table showing different purchase price and the minimum down payment with the existing and new rules 
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